Model 4400

Model 4400 Pressure Reduction Generator (PRG) is Helidyne’s first commercialized product. The 60 kWe planetary rotor expander operates at 3,600 rpm, is non-combustive, and is sold as part of a fully automated package that is certified to 1,440 psi.

Purpose Built

The PRG set can be packaged according to customer’s unique specifications.

First units manufactured in 2014 were purpose built for offshore oil platform use, with two PRG’s paired together for redundancy and stand-by power purposes. They are driven by high pressure natural gas/nitrogen sourced from a large onshore compressor station.

The offshore PRG is designed for stand-alone operation, having sufficient battery capacity to support “black” start-up conditions. The units also include all necessary safety and auto shutdown features for use in hazardous locations.

The PRG can also be configured for grid connected power generation and will be offered for gas processing applications in 2015.