Helidyne Demonstrates Field Test Readiness

Jul 17, 2015

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Washington, Utah –

Helidyne LLC announced readiness to begin field testing its proprietary gas expander with the completion of a dedicated test trailer. The trailer is outfitted with the necessary hook-ups, safety features, generator, controls, and data acquisition required for field operation and monitoring. It’s also equipped with an automated by-pass loop to insure oil & gas production is maintained during testing.

trailer testing 019

To demonstrate the trailer’s capabilities, it was tested on Helidyne’s closed loop test stand in St. George, Utah. Company engineers were pleased to observe the by-pass valve worked as designed; switching between expander and by-pass modes without tripping the compressor.
The trailer is also capable of operating off-grid using a high amp DC alternator which allows the expander to operate at variable speed. With this option, the operator can better match the expander flow rate with the flow rate found at the site.

For more information about the test, a brief video can be viewed by clicking on the following DropBox link:

For best video results, download the link before viewing.
Founded in 2008, Helidyne has developed a new high pressure gas expander for the oil and gas industry. The unique planetary rotor design is certified to 1,440 psi (1,000 psi max ∆P), a rating double its closest competitor.


For more information contact:

Jennifer Christensen: jchris@helidynepower.com


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