Helidyne Conducts Live Product Demonstrations

Dec 15, 2014

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Washington County, Utah – On December 11th and 12th, Helidyne LLC hosted live demonstrations of its
60kWe pressure reduction generators at its Red Rock test site. The event was attended by Jon Pike,
Mayor of St. George City, and approximately 40 other individuals from local business, news, finance and
government organizations.

During his visit, Mayor Pike stated: “I’m very impressed that by just providing them a little space [on city
property leased to Helidyne], they could set this up, demo it to show it to potential customers, and do
all the testing required. They’re going to be doing huge things…I’m excited to have them here in St.

To date, a combined run time of 144 hours has been logged on the two units, generating 2,433 kWh of
electricity. The test stand has proven instrumental in finalizing product development by allowing
engineers to program and “tune” the control software required for full automation as well as collect
valuable performance data.

Founded in 2008, Helidyne has developed a new rotary positive displacement (PD) gas expander for
waste pressure recovery applications. The unique self-cleaning, planetary design is rated to 1,440 psi
and can handle “wet” gas at the expander inlet. Visit our website at: www.helidynepower.com for
more details.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Christensen: jchris@helidynepower.com

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