Helidyne Builds New Test Stand

Oct 7, 2014

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Washington County, Utah – Helidyne LLC, is pleased to announce completion of its test stand located at the St. George City Red Rock generating facility. The test stand will allow Helidyne engineers to simulate a wide range of pressure and flow conditions using a large 3-stage natural gas compressor. Configured within a closed loop, the compressor can deliver pressures as high as 1,200 psi and flow rates up to 8 mmscfd to Helidyne’s gas expander for testing purposes.

The project was made possible through a partnership with the City of St. George Energy Service Department. Scott Hirschi, Director of Site Select Plus stated: “Helidyne, with the assistance of Questar Gas, approached Phillip Solomon, Energy Services Department Director, in need for a site that had the

necessary power and gas hookups for their test equipment. In response, he and his staff assisted Helidyne in the site selection process, which ultimately lead to a lease agreement and construction of the test stand.”

Cofounder and CEO Kevin Kerlin stated: “Thanks to the willingness of St. George City to help small business, Helidyne has a dedicated test site to further its product development goals.”

Founded in 2008, Helidyne has developed a new rotary positive displacement (PD) gas expander for waste pressure recovery applications. The unique self-cleaning, planetary design is rated to 1,440 psi and can handle “wet” gas at the expander inlet. Visit our website at: www.helidynepower.com for more details.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Christensen: jchris@helidynepower.com


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