Rotary, positive displacement technology is being offered to several power generation markets by Helidyne LLC. We are stepping up to fill the void where available, but untapped, energy exists and is currently going to waste. These markets are continually expanding and currently include:

- Geopressure
- Geothermal
- Natural Gas Letdown
- Waste Heat

Our basic innovative, proprietary rotary technology can be adapted to any of the above energy situations. With improvements constantly occurring, our goal is to be able to provide equipment uniquely suitable to any of the above applications.

Helidyne LLC was founded in June, 2008 to develop an innovative geothermal prime mover. From the beginning, the goal was to replace the turbine typically used in small (< 5 MW) modular units with an efficient, robust, and cost effective total-flow expander. The novel rotary expander would allow direct processing of brine from the well in order to eliminate the enormous energy losses associated with heat exchangers or flash tanks.

The company began testing a 15kW unit in August 2010 using a commercial boiler. Several additional tests have been completed since then resulting in many design improvements. Once satisfactory performance and reliability levels are achieved using the boiler, arrangements will be finalized with two geothermal companies to test using their wells.

By spring of 2011, it became apparent that a "vacuum" existed for power generation equipment in the geopressure market. Realizing the immediate opportunity at hand, the company quickly moved to developing a prototype for geopressure developers to test. First field tests will commence in 2012 for two customers located in Texas.

Building on experience from many years of various R&D projects, and realizing the design complexity of the Helidyne rotor design, the company purchased new CNC equipment and CAD/CAM software within two months of its founding. In the fall of 2009, the company built a new R&D shop to accommodate in-house prototyping and today has the capacity to build units up to 250kW in size.

Founder & President: Jack H. Kerlin

• Cofounder of several companies, one of which quickly grew to be a member of the NYSE.
• Chief scientist and R&D director at each of these companies
• Seventeen U.S. patents held in his name
• Background as a physicist, lifelong career exploring and developing technological innovations
• At Helidyne, also serves as thermodynamicist and financier

Cofounder & CEO: Kevin M. Kerlin

• Holds MBA and BSME degrees
• Eight years as mechanical engineer in R&D and prototyping
• Proficient in CNC CAD/CAM programming and machining
• Journeyman automotive mechanic

Mechanical Engineer: Andy N. Kerlin

• Holds BSME degree, CAD specialist

Advisory Team: Includes various professionals and academics in the fields of energy resources and business/finance, whose collective decades of experience provide us a wealth of vital input and insights upon which we frequently draw.

Helidyne's expander can be used in many markets besides geopressure and geothermal. Any low-to-medium temperature (195°F-360°F) thermal resource with sufficient heat capacity can be used to generate power.

· Waste Heat
Industrial Processes: concrete production, steam boilers, paper mills, furnaces, etc.
Stationary IC Engines: generators, pumps, compressors, etc.
Bottom cycling exhaust steam from existing power plants

· Solar Thermal
Concentrating solar farms

· Solar Ponds
Fresh water and power extracted from high saline solar heated ponds

· Biomass
Waste heat from landfill methane gas-fueled IC engines
Wood chip boiler

Likewise any pressurized fluid regardless of viscosity or temperature, can produce electric power instead of total dissipation through pressure let-down valves.

· Natural Gas
Wellhead pressure let-down
Grid sub-station pressure let-down

· Oil
Producing oil & gas wells
Off-shore oil platforms

· Industrial Processes
Biomass refinement let-down

· Slurry (suspended particulate) pumping
Coal slurry
Wood chip slurry
Biomass pumping

· High pressure pumping

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