Mission and Vision


To create value by developing, manufacturing, and packaging our proprietary Planetary Rotor Expander for commercial and industrial use.


Our core technology has many exciting applications that present countless opportunities for new R&D, but for now our focus is power generation, waste energy recovery, and gas processing.

Power generation

Off-grid power is costly. We provide solutions to reduce cost and downtime of off-grid power in certain applications.

Waste energy recovery

We have a solution to recover it in a way that’s both safe and economical. Our job is to show the market it can be done.

Gas processing

We can significantly enhance the performance of most JT gas processing applications. The value we create is greater NGL recovery and on-site power generation.


We fulfill our mission by working as a team and relying on principles of integrity, discipline, engineering excellence, and mutual respect with the goal of building long term relationships. We also recognize the family as a key driver for our employee’s wellbeing and productivity. As such, we are closed Sunday’s and maintain reasonable work hours to allow them time with their families and worship.


We are transparent with our stakeholders and customers. We understand that nothing is more convincing than hard performance test data and actual run time.

Customer Focus

Product development decisions are driven by the market and customer demands, not by what we think they want or need. Communication and building strong customer relationships is how we gain insight into what types of products we build.

Continuous Improvement

A perfect design does not exist. As such, we will never stop working to improve our technology. There is always a way to make our products better, more reliable, and more cost effective for the customer.


Maintaining a positive, creative, and productive work environment is essential to our success. We only hire and retain employees who are self-motivated, goal oriented, and accountable. To nurture this culture we pay wages based on performance and take care to not over-regulate the workplace by striving to keep the organization’s hierarchy relatively flat.