Helidyne LLC was founded in 2008 with the goal to develop and commercialize the planetary rotor compressor/expander. At the time the design was purely conceptual, with no evidence that a working prototype had ever been previously built or tested. Notwithstanding, the founders decided the concept had merit justifying the effort required to commercialize, and in so doing, became pioneers and experts in this field.

Originally it was thought the expander would best be used as a geothermal expander, taking advantage of its self-cleaning and variable volume ratio properties. However, over time the company discovered the planetary rotor design was also suitable for high pressure applications like those encountered in the Oil & Gas industry. Anticipating greater demand in this market, the decision was made in 2012 to begin building prototypes specific for this application and after several iterations, a high pressure prototype was 3rd party tested in early 2013. By May of 2013 Helidyne received its first order calling for four (4) units, packaged for automated offshore oil platform use.

Today, the company is excited to offer customers the next generation model 4400 expander. The newer model incorporates all the experience and testing gained from the first units manufactured and sold, with many significant improvements made to increase efficiency and reliability.

Our Team

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Kevin Kerlin co-founded Helidyne in 2008 with the goal to develop and commercialize the planetary rotor expander concept. He began his career in 2003 working as a Mechanical Engineer at Raser Technologies within their R&D department. Learning from his experience at Raser, Kevin became expert in CAD/CAM programming and CNC machining to better facilitate prototyping efforts at Helidyne. As the company matured, he was responsible for raising the first round of equity capital in 2012, as well as retaining its first customer contract in 2013. As CEO, his focus is team building, strategic planning, raising growth capital, and increasing revenue. Kevin holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and a MBA from Southern Utah University.

Andy began his career working for Helidyne in 2008 while completing his engineering education. During this time he became proficient in CAD modeling, R&D prototyping, testing, troubleshooting, and data interpretation. Currently serving as COO and Head Engineer, he continues to contribute solutions and intellectual property to strengthen Helidyne’s technical expertise and advance Helidyne’s products. Andy holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University.

Kurt worked as the Controller/CFO for Wilson Electronics for 14 years. When he joined Wilson in early 2000 annual revenues were less than $1M, by 2013 Kurt had helped lead the company to $60M. Later that year he was key to selling the company in a $100M majority leveraged buyout. For the transaction he performed all necessary financial DD items such as basic audit, quality of earnings report, cash flow, and projections. In addition to managing the finance/accounting department, he oversaw HR and administration which involved revamping the company’s IT system. Today he serves as CFO for Helidyne and works in several capacities for the founders of Wilson Electronics, including Trustee. Kurt holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from Dixie State University.

Joseph James graduated Cum Laude with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. He started his career in the automotive testing industry driving prototype vehicles for VW, Audi, and Bentley among others. He has been with Helidyne since September of 2013 focusing in areas of mathematical modeling, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics. As a proud member of the Helidyne team, he is a family man with a love for motorcycles and math.

A native of Southern Utah, Dan has worked in the area for over 20 years as a CAD specialist and Mechanical Engineer for many local firms. He has also provided consulting services for many private individuals and companies, assisting them with product design, 3D modeling, engineering, and patent drawings to help develop their ideas. Two U.S. patents are held in his name. In addition, Dan has taught at Dixie State University as an adjunct professor and full time instructor at Dixie Applied Technology College. He holds AAS, Bachelor, and Master’s Degrees. At Helidyne, Dan is mainly involved with CAD design, engineering, and documentation. He loves motorcycles and rides one to work nearly every day.